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When shopping for car insurance it’s better to receive multiple quotes as with any type of large purchase. 

What better way to save time, money and energy by using an auto insurance broker who represents you, not the insurance company.   Receive multiple insurance quotes with one phone call from top insurance companies from around the country vs. calling company after company repeating your information over and over to several carriers.

You can contact hundreds of insurance companies or make one phone call to an Auto Insurance Broker

You can even get your quotes online when it’s convenient for you, Example Auto Insurance Quotes.  It’s fast, convenient and secure, plus you generally get your quotes back quicker as well.

Local insurance brokers

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Give an auto insurance broker a shot and you might be surprised at how much you’ve been overpaying with your current insurance company.  800-459-6060

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Some of the best insurance agent and brokers may not be near you.  Would you rather work with an insurance agency that represents multiple “A” companies or just the local insurance agent?  Sure, you might be able to pop in and say hello with a local insurance broker, but honestly how often is that ever going to happen.  With cell phones, email and text messages your agent is available whenever you need, regardless if they’re down the street or not.

Local car insurance agents can be convenient, but as mentioned above not always the best option if you are looking for multiple quotes from around the country.  Insurance Brokers Group sells and services insurance from coast to coast.  Because we must carry more insurance companies to meet the needs of our customers, you get the benefit of more carriers to compare rates.

How much can I save on insurance if I use an Insurance Broker… Let’s find out HERE?

Let’s start finding you better insurance coverage and a better premium.  Click on the link below and let our insurance agents, find the best insurance at an affordable price.