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Would it be nice to receive multiple insurance quotes with one phone call or click?

Guess What..

Now there is a better way

Save time, money and energy by using an Insurance Broker who represents many insurance companies. 

Why - Because Insurance Brokers work for YOU, not the insurance companies.

What is the cost to use an Insurance Broker?

FREE of charge
NO fees
NO cost.

Yes, FREE of charge.  

How do Insurance Brokers get paid?

An insurance broker is paid a commission by the insurance company based on the carrier that you select.  

So, it's a win-win, no cost service, and lower insurance payments.

What does an insurance broker do?

is there a fee to use insurance broker

Insurance Broker finds the right coverage at an affordable price, and it makes life a lot easier vs calling multiple companies and agents.

Insurance Brokers use technology not available to the public to search multiple insurance companies at one time.  Because we are licensed agents for the insurance companies we represent we have the ability to find the most affordable insurance quickly so you don't have to.

Receive multiple insurance quotes with one phone call or from online quoting 24/7 when it’s most convenient for you.

Check and compare insurance rates online HERE or call 800-459-6060 and speak with a licensed Insurance Broker today.

Why spend time calling insurance company after insurance company when you can contact a local insurance broker for AWESOME service at competitive rates with all these great companies and more.

Whether you decide to work with a local insurance broker or one online you’ll receive quotes from top “A” companies like The Hartford, Nationwide, Progressive, Kemper, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, CHUBB, Met-Life and many more.

Car insurance brokers near me

Local insurance agent broker near me

Insurance Broker

How to find an independent insurance agent near you?

Contact an auto insurance broker and you might be surprised at how much you've been overpaying with your current insurance company.  Finding a local insurance broker is a simple as typing "local insurance brokers near me" with your online search.    

Remember Insurance Brokers represent many insurance companies and insurance agents only represent one company.  How much time do you want to spend calling company after company or multiple insurance agents, just to find the best rates.

Stop the insanity of finding more affordable insurance.  Let's search for the best auto insurance rates by state.

Should I use an insurance agent or An independent insurance broker?

Local insurance agents near me

Some of the best independent insurance agents and brokers may not be near you or in your town.  

Just because you might not be able to meet in person, don't let that keep you from contacting an Insurance Broker.  In many cases, as with Insurance Brokers Group, we have customers around the country.  Remember, the insurance companies both agents and brokers represent have headquarters in another state.  But, they all have a local insurance adjuster to help with any claims.

Would you rather work with an insurance agency that represents multiple "A" companies or just the local insurance agent with one company?

Sure, you might be able to pop in and say hello with a local insurance agent, but honestly, how often is that ever going to happen, if ever.

Wouldn't you rather have the most affordable coverage and if you have questions, just pick up the phone?

With cell phones, email and text messages your agent or broker is available whenever you need, regardless if they're down the street or not.  

Local car insurance agents can be convenient, but as mentioned above not always the best option if you are looking for multiple quotes from around the country.

Insurance Brokers Group sells and services insurance from Coast to Coast.

They represent more insurance companies to meet the needs of customers around the country, you get the benefit of more insurance carriers to compare rates.

How much can I save on insurance if I use an Insurance Broker?  

"Some people have saved as much as 59% on auto and home insurance"

Some people just can’t understand how the rates could be that low compared to what they have been paying.  The shock and realization that they’ve been overpaying for years starts to sink.  In some cases, denial that they could really pay that much less

But, it’s true.

Then you realize, how much you could've saved.

Don't wait anymore.

Let's start finding you better insurance coverage and a better premium.

Just click on the link below and let our licensed insurance brokers start working on your behalf, for FREE.


There are NO charges or Fees to use Insurance Brokers Group for auto, home and life insurance.

We are compensated by the insurance company a commission based on the product you choose.  So, we are always working for you to find the best rates!

Awesome, right!