RateGuard Insurance Premium Protection

What is RateGuard™ and Why You Need It!

RateGuard™ is simply a way to have peace of mind to know your insurance policies are being monitored for above average rate increases over the previous renewal period, automatically.

Finding affordable insurance can be time consuming for many consumers and even more so if every year you have to start the process over.  Shopping for lower cost insurance is such a hassle

Insurance policy

Fortunately Insurance Brokers Group has developed a program called RateGuard™.  

RateGuard™ monitors client's policies at every renewal for larger than average rate increases.  

Depending if you have a six month or annual policy, we review all policies 30-45 days prior to renewal and determine if we can offer a lower cost insurance policy with the same coverage's as you currently have.  

Most things in life including insurance will see small cost increases every year, which is to be expected, but large swings could cost you hundreds more each year.

We found that many current customers with their old insurance agents for 10 or more years thought they had good insurance rates.  Then they contacted Insurance Brokers Group and we found them substantially lower cost insurance with the same coverage’s.  

Normal inflation rates run 2-4%, but if your insurance company consistently increases your rates 10%, or more annually, you could see as much as a 146% increase in just 4 years.  

WOW, that's HUGE - 146% insurance rate increase in only 4 years, at just 10% per year.

That's where RateGuard™ comes in to Automatically reviews for rate increases that really add up over time.

Rateguard automatically check for new rates

Historically, insurance companies will raise or lower insurance rates depending on if they are interested in attracting more clients or not. 

Depending on the state, city and zip codes, insurance companies will set rates to attract new business.  Even very large carriers will drop rates and go after new business, typically this will last for 1, 2 or 3 years depending how fast they can attract new clients.  

After which you'll notice rate increases accelerate, depending on their losses from the new policies and the overall performance of a particular segment of the business, i.e. Auto or Home insurance.

Insurance rates can be like riding a roller coaster.  

We've had insurance carriers drop rates for 3 years and then raise those same rates for 5 or more years.  

It can be very frustrating for people and that's why we've taken the proactive approach to search out better rates once renewal notice are downloaded in our RateGuard™ management program.  

Generally, we are receiving renewals directly from the carriers 30-60 days prior and begin the re-quoting process the same month the policies renew.  

Monitor insurance rates with Rateguard

Actively monitoring renewals with RateGuard™ gives our customers the peace of mind they are not wasting time, money or energy shopping over and over every renewal.

If you’re ready to simplify your life and keep one of your largest annual expenses in-check, RateGuard™ offered through Insurance Brokers Group is the way to go.