Insurance Carrier Partners

Insurance Company Carriers Partners and Insurance Companies

As an independent insurance agency, our most significant strength is our prominence and relationship with insurance companies that have a regional, national and global focus.  We have worked hard to achieve prominent positions with our insurance companies.  These long-term relationships enable us to better serve our clients.  Often we can attain coverage and deliver services that aren’t readily available elsewhere.  This partial list will show that we are committed to bringing the best quality insurance companies to our clients.

Allied   1-800-282-1446

Safeco   1-800-332-3226

The Hartford   1-800-423-6789

Liberty Mutual 1-888-398-8924

Progressive   1-800-776-4737

Nationwide   1-877-669-6877

Kemper Specialty 1-800-456-0448

GuideOne   1-877-448-4331

Chubb/ ACE   1-866-324-8222

Blue Cross / Blue Shield  1-800-393-6130

Foremost   1-800-527-3905

Travelers   1 (800) 842-5075

GEO Vera Insurance  1-800-232-3347

California Earthquake Authority 1-888-423-2322

California Fair Plan 1-213-487-0111

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