15 ways to lower your auto insurance costs:

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs With these Simple Steps:

Insurance Brokers Group is always looking for way to help keep you insurance costs down.  We’ve put together a list of things you can do to help lower your auto insurance premiums.  Some insurance companies provide saving of up to 50% or more when you are able to combine discounts.  You many not qualify for all insurance discounts but why not use the ones you do qualify for and save money year after year.

  1. Bundle – Combine several policies with one insurance companyLower auto insurance costs
  2. Multi Car – Two or more vehicles on one policy
  3. New Car – Buy a new car.  Many insurance companies give great rates for new car
  4. Short Mileage – Drive only a few miles to work/school every day or car pool
  5. No accidents or tickets – Big discounts for clean safe drivers
  6. Good Student – “B” or better GPA show insurance companies you pay attention
  7. Education – College education or higher can qualify you for lower rates
  8. Good Credit – Clean credit history (except CA) is a sign of responsibility to carriers
  9. Car Choice – Insure common vehicle like a Camry, Taurus or a pick-up truck
  10. Deductible – Older car consider raising or removing collision and/or comprehensive coverage
  11. RateGuard© – Only available to clients of Insurance Brokers Group to monitor renewal rates
  12. Shop – Find a broker that can search multiple companies such as Insurance Brokers Group
  13. Get Married – Married people generally qualify for lower insurance rates
  14. Safety features – Buy a vehicle with ABS braking system and automatic seat belts
  15. Move – The top highest states: Michigan, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida

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