November 11, 2021

How do you switch car insurance companies?

How To Change Insurance Companies

What's the process to change Insurance companies?

Switching car insurance companies is a pretty simple process. 

After you have decided on what new insurance company will handle your insurance, do the following.

Send the old or prior insurance company a notice, in writing, of the effective date, and the policy number you wish to cancel. 

That's it.  

Super easy and simple.

Why would you want to change auto insurers?

Price, customer service better claims, or your old agent retired, and you never actually shopped around. 

You might be surprised at the level of service versus your old agent.

Affordable car insurance

What are the pros/cons of changing auto insurance companies?


Probably are saving money  

You might find the service is better

New simple and easy ways to communicate with your insurance broker or agent

If you like technology, many insurance companies now offer multiple ways to keep in-touch like online or smartphone APP's. Must insurance brokers now provide the ability to send texts, including documents like ID cards. 


You might be losing an accident forgiveness discount; current agent knows you when you call, and your payment plan is already in place.

How to cancel your current car insurance policy?

Notify your insurance agent in writing or the insurance company directly.  Provide a written statement stating the effective date you wish to cancel coverage and the policy number(s).  Some companies may send you an electronic cancellation form via email for you to sign for their records.  The new insurance company or agent may also offer to help with canceling the old policies.

What are some of the pitfalls when changing auto insurance?

There is relatively little to no pitfalls when changing auto insurance companies, and in most cases, you’ll see awesome savings, especially if it has been several years. 

A few things you want to make sure you have received or are in place with the new auto insurance company.

  • Making sure you receive your new ID card as soon as possible, so you have proof of insurance. 
  • Confirming all the discounts you are entitled have been applied correctly, and all listed drivers and vehicle are on the policy.
How do you shop for a new auto insurance policy?

There are many ways to shop for new car insurance. 

  • Old school – ask a friend or family member for a referral. 

Shop local – check out the local Chamber of Commerce for recommendations of members near you. 

You can also do a little investigating on any insurance company you are considering.  Organizations such as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for consumer complaints, licenses, and financial strength.

How much can you potentially save? Are there companies that are better than others...for certain age groups, states, etc. ?

How to save on Auto Insurance

Saving between one insurance company and another can vary greatly. 

10% to 50% Saving in many cases. 

Auto insurance company rates can vary from year to year, depending on their prior losses and profitability. 

You might be with a company this year with a fantastic premium only to find at renewal a 20% to 40% increase. 

We recommend shopping at least every couple of years, to keep your current insurance company honest, if nothing else.

There are several factors that determine auto insurance rates.

  • Are you married or single?
  • What's your age?
  • Type of vehicle?
  • Number of total insurance policies?
  • Your zip code?
  • Prior insurance?
  • Current liability insurance limits?
  • How long with the previous insurance company?
  • How's your credit?

Any one of these may change for you or the appetite for your insurance company.  Your insurance company may decide they have too many policies in a zip code and want to slow growth by raising rates. 

Some car insurance companies work better for single people with one car and maybe a ticket or prior accident. 

Other insurance companies look for families with multiple vehicles, home, umbrella, and life insurance and will offer better rates for those folks. 

The best suggestion we can offer is to seek out a trusted insurance advisor and let them help you shop for a combination of proper coverage at an affordable premium.

Additionally, you can shop insurance rates online to see if you are paying a competitive premium now. 


Make sure if you are searching online for better insurance rates to make sure the website you are visiting is a licensed, agent, or broker. 

Some websites are set up only to capture your information and resell to dozens of other agents around the country, and suddenly your phone won't stop ringing.

Insurance Brokers Group if a full-service insurance agency and we never share your information with other agents.  When we shop for our customers, it’s with our “A” rated carriers, and we report back to you directly with quotes.

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