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Now what?

  • So many choices between online or local insurance
  • Insurance agent or broker
  • Who has the best insurance prices?
  • Where to find the best insurance advice?
  • Is there a cost or fee to use an insurance broker?
  • What's the fastest way to get an insurance quote?
  • What do you need to get an insurance quote?

In 5 minutes you'll have all the answers you need or you can skip the questions directly below in the contents box or read on.

Local Insurance Vs Online Insurance

Although people tend to buy their insurance straight from the insurance company or with an insurance agent. 

There are various choices which can give you the possibility of finding lower rates and policies that are better suited to your needs.

Shopping with local insurance agents or brokers offers you the chance to find competitive insurance in your town, but requires having to call multiple companies or insurance agents.

An insurance agent generally works directly for one insurance agency.  

If they are an insurance agent, they only represent one company.  But, if they are an insurance broker, they could help you with dozens of insurance companies.

Because Insurance Brokers are approved to sell insurance for multiple insurance companies, they will be able to provide a broader range of coverage's and choices.   Additionally, this means, they will have a higher probability of finding lower-cost insurance locally.

That’s HUGE!

Fast, easy, and lower-cost insurance, and you can generally find one of these insurance professionals near you when searching online.

Local Insurance agent and broker,
What’s the difference?

Local insurance agent

Their jobs are similar, but the difference is who they’ll be working for - you or the company 

1 – Captive Insurance Agents

Captive agents are those that work directly for insurance companies like Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, and others.  Insurance agents work for those insurance companies directly and only represent the one insurance carrier.

Because of their relationship with the insurance company, generally as an employee, that means they represent the company and not you. 

2 – Independent Insurance agents or Insurance Brokers

They’re approved to sell insurance policies from several insurance suppliers and will assist you in examination rates and coverage choices.

The compensation they receive is from the insurance company directly, so they can be free to work with multiple insurance companies and not have the pressure to push any one company.

Some Insurance Brokers may charge a fee, but generally, those are very complicated commercial insurance risks that entail much research and many staff hours.


Local insurance agent

While it’s not too hard to find an insurance agent or broker, finding one you can trust to find the best insurance rates is another story.

We suggest following these simple steps to find the best local insurance agent or broker near you.

Seek out recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers

Before clicking around online ask friends and family if they’ve had good luck with a local insurance agent or broker.

Most people are happy to share the name of someone they’ve been working with their home and auto insurance.

Online Reviews For neighborhood 
Insurance agents and brokers

Even if you received a referral, it's a good idea to check their online profile or their agency’s reviews, Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and Facebook are good places to check.  These online reviews will give you an idea of the customer service they provide for past and current clients.

You will also be able to learn about their office location, types of insurance they offer based on reviews, if customers have been able to save money on their insurance.

Additionally, check with business bureaus like the BBB or Better Business Bureaus to see if there have been any complaints or outstanding issues that are still unresolved.  This has been a very reliable source even before the age of the internet.

Check to see what there BBB rating shows like A+, B, C, etc.  You’ll also be able to find how long the business has been around and the name of the person in charge, or the owner's name.

Verify an Insurance Agents Licenses are in good order with the Department of Insurance

You can check online with the State Insurance Offices which can confirm if their license is up to date and if there have been any prior complaints with the Insurance Department.

Consider advanced training designations – Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Certified Insurance Counselor, or Accredited Adviser in Insurance.

You can always ask for a current copy of an agent's insurance license.  Insurance Agents and Brokers are required to keep a copy on hand at all times.  Any hesitation might be an indication of issues that requires additional questioning.

Ask what auto insurance companies they broker for to get an idea of the companies they will be providing quotes from.  

Are they "A" rated insurance companies and what is their track record for paying claims.

Do I need to meet with the Insurance Agent or Broker before deciding?
insurance broker vs. insurance agent

Once you’ve completed your research and narrowed down your list of potential local insurance agent or broker, schedule a meeting so you can better understand your auto insurance options in greater detail.

Face to face conversation is a great way to ask questions and reassured you are making the right decision, moving forward.  A trusted insurance adviser can make all the difference.

The simple answer is NO it's not required and if you feel comfortable with the insurance company and the rates... Go for it.

Make sure the agent you’re considering is correctly licensed. Most state insurance offices have a directory wherever you'll be able to check the standing of associate agent’s license, and a few additionally enable you to verify whether or not or not there are any complaints.

Independent auto insurance agent near me, or should I search online? 

In a perfect world you might be able to find exactly what you are looking for down the street.  

But, just because there is an independent insurance agent in your town doesn't mean it's the best choice.  

Make sure to ask the same question we discussed above.  

Ultimately, it comes down to who you feel comfortable talking with about your insurance needs.  

You might find the local auto and home insurance broker checks all the boxes, or you have a conversation with an independent agent two thousand miles from your home and they seem to really understand your needs.

Remember, insurance brokers are simply the middleman helping you find the best insurance for the most affordable rates.  

The local insurance agent who represents one company might be what your family has done for generations, but you have more options today.  

Why Use a Local Insurance Agent or Broker

The choice between an insurance agent and insurance broker
  • There are many reasons to consider working with a local insurance agent or broker vs. someone over the phone or online — better convenience and experience with your town and the needs you may have.
  • Most insurance companies and agents won’t offer quotes over the phone. But, if you’re looking for convenience and best prices it generally makes more sense today to try going online.  Most insurance agents and brokers offer a quote calculator on their website, a great way to get an insurance quote online.
  • Keep in mind that although you receive a quote on-line that you’re happy with, a neighborhood agent or broker might also have the same option, but you won't know which company until you start getting some quotes.
  • Local insurance agents and brokers have a much better understanding of each state insurance laws and the way geographic location affects the prices in your town of residence.  Well, that used to be the case, but with the technologies available today and simple tools like most information about your home and neighborhood are available with a few keystrokes.
  • A local agent or insurance broker suggests that you get personalized customer service. You have peace of mind knowing you’ve got the point of contact right down the road that you will trust. That’s an enormous deal in our world of high-tech.
  • A local agent is more likely to create a tailored policy that suits your specific desires if that’s what you need. 90% of the population generally need standard coverage's at an affordable premium.
Insurance agent quotes


Make sure the insurance or broker has your same goals in mind and the assets you are looking to protect.  There are many options – make sure they spend the time to get to know you and learn what’s most important about insurance to you.

Quick checklist:

Devotes the time needed to understand and serve your insurance needs

  • Demonstrates clear knowledge about the various types of insurance that are available and can plainly explain your choices.
  • Has a proven track record of excellent customer service.
  • Is licensed by your state insurance department.

For local insurance quotes in your area, click here or call 800-459-6060 and speak with a local insurance agent or broker.

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