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Insurance Brokers Group is the leading provider of quality protection for thousands across America. Our commitment to superior customer service, low rates, and adeptness in understanding coverage requirements have earned us a sterling reputation among customers nationwide.

Let's not forget that we are 100% independent from any single insurer - which makes Insurance Brokers Group your perfect choice! We recognize just how important this fact really is.

Insurance Brokers Group is a trusted source for insurance solutions. Our team of knowledgeable professionals understands that when it comes to something as important as an insurance policy, there must be no compromise on quality — which is why we offer access to multiple products from reputable companies and stay current with ever-evolving guidelines.

We set ourselves apart by delivering outstanding customer service through our proactive approach to helping each individual understand their specific coverage needs and how best to protect themselves against various unexpected situations…because life happens!

Independent Agent Vs. Captive and 800 Agents

When it comes to picking an insurance provider, you have two main choices: independent agencies like us or captive agents and 800 numbers.

So what's the difference? 

Independent agencies can offer multiple carriers and options so that they find a policy tailored to your individual needs while captive agents are limited in scope because they sell policies from just one insurer - often as part of a larger corporate umbrella.

On the other hand, calling an 800 number puts you on autopilot with sales staff who lack personalized advice; leaving customers feeling unserved by cookie-cutter solutions rather than specific service plans for their unique circumstances.

Ultimately, when looking for comprehensive coverage at competitive prices, this is why independent agents remain top contenders versus captives or big box 800 number warehouses.

About Insurance Brokers Group

At Insurance Brokers Group, we specialize in helping individuals and businesses protect what matters most. 

Our top priority is ensuring each of our clients receives a customized insurance plan that meets their unique needs while also being easy to understand -- removing the mystery from this essential part of life planning. With us on your side, you can look forward to securing both today's peace of mind as well as tomorrow’s brighter future.

Our team of experienced insurance experts are driven to provide you with the best service and value when it comes to protecting what matters most. We take great pride in looking after your individual needs, curating a selection of top-tier options that all adhere to superior standards while offering outstanding customer care. At our core is an unyielding commitment - providing fast, fair claims processing so as ensure nothing stands between you and peace of mind.

RateGuard insurance policy review program

At Insurance Brokers Group, we want to make sure you have the best possible experience with your insurance needs. We provide a unique and exclusive service called RateGuard which reviews policies for hidden increases in rates that could cost extra money - leaving more cash back in your pocket! 

As experienced brokers, we are privileged to offer our customers competitive prices from multiple providers. If there's ever anything else needed or any questions about us arise; don't hesitate to reach out.
Simply call 314-569-1010 or visit our website today!

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