June 4, 2019
USAA Insurance Review

Is USAA Insurance Worth the Hype and Higher Rates?

USAA Insurance has a lot of loyal customers, but at what cost?

USAA Car and Home Insurance Marketing

I must admit, marketing your insurance brand as somehow connected to the US Military, is a brilliant move.

You get the impression USAA Insurance, is backed by the full force of the US Government. In reality, (United Services Automobile Association) is a publicly traded company out of Texas. 

They have current and retired military families to give their undying testimonies is very powerful.  

At one time this familiar company "GEICO" was also once believed to be backed by the US government.  You could understand with a company originally known as Government Employees Insurance Company.

Like we said, marketing a a beautiful thing and people often believe what they hear or read.

Both GEICO and USSA insurance are publicly traded stock companies.

Is blind loyalty costing you a boatload of money, year after year?

Sure, they may remember what rank you were when you were in the service but is that really what you want in an insurance company.  You are “basically” calling an 800 number with some reading a script and directing you to the department of choice.

Name recognition is essential in the insurance industry, but equally as important is service and price.   Having a dedicated account manager or agent that you work with year after year is worth a whole lot more than being called by your rank.

The best insurance companies are going to be very similar in terms of the level of service that you receive, especially if you're working directly with an insurance agent or broker.  Someone that gets to know you and your family needs over the next 30-40 years is invaluable.

The building of a personal relationship with a dedicated broker is worth more than any amount you might pay to the USAA car insurance and still have money in your pocket.

No, I'm not saying that USAA auto and home insurance are expensive, it just depends on if your recent lottery winner or not.

We found time after time when quoting family around the country, the savings are significant.

USAA Insurance

USAA has done a traffic job market in themselves to military families.

Like we said in the beginning, they are world-class marketers of associating a brand with a country. 

Don't let the blind loyalty cost your family potentially thousands of dollars per year for name recognition alone.  Get your insurance quotes annually and if USAA is still or close to competitive, then ride that pony.

I'm sure USAA car insurance is a terrific company, but if you're still dealing with an 800 number every time you call regarding a change, a payment question or a claim you're again calling an 800 number.

Have you ever considered contacting a local car insurance broker?

You might find the level of service, personal service, that you will receive from a dedicated insurance broker also searching for the best or the most affordable auto insurance rates can save you a lot of time money and energy.

Because USAA auto insurance only offers their policy directly through the company, you'll want to get a copy of your current policy to compare. 

Insurance Brokers Group provides customers with multiple options on auto, home, business, and life insurance. Getting a second opinion is always a smart move, and it may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship moving forward.

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