April 8, 2024

(The Best) Insurance In St Louis, Missouri

Auto insurance in St Louis Missouri

St. Louis Insurance Brokers

The vast majority of Americans don't realize that they can save money on their auto and home insurance by simply switching providers. However, many people are unaware of the different types of coverage offered or how to choose the best plan for them.

We're here to help with this blog post all about St Louis Missouri's top-notch options in auto, home, life, and business insurance.

Are you shopping for insurance in St Louis, MO?

Looking for both quality coverage and affordable premiums in the St Louis, MO area?

You are in LUCK... 

We will review how to find a trusted insurance advisor with the knowledge and insurance companies you need in the Gateway city. 

But first, you might want to know the answer to the following question.

Who is the best independent insurance agents in St Louis 

#1 Choice for affordable insurance for Missouri residents is Insurance Brokers Group.  

Call 314-569-1010 and speak with one of their licensed team members, and get auto and home insurance quotes from all the top companies or you can get quotes online HERE

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St Louis Missouri Insurance Quotes

Are St Louis Insurance Companies My Best Option For Insurance?

Here in St Louis, there are a few local insurance companies to choose from.

However, these locally-based insurance companies might not always be the best choice for you.

At Insurance Brokers Group, we like to offer you the widest range of options when it comes to your personal and business insurance coverage needs. We take care of our neighbors as well as customers who live outside of Missouri, since having a diverse customer base means that you're getting much better rates!

Having an insurance professional not only looks at the local market but nationally as well.

Buying your groceries locally might make a lot of sense, but insurance might be better from insurance companies located in other states.

St. Louis Insurance Brokers

The quickest way to power is through quotes from local St Louis insurance companies.

We represent the best insurance companies in St Louis

The name of the game is saving time, money, and energy.

How do we do it...?

Our job is simple, with the help of awesome insurance software technology, we can search hundreds of companies offering the best local rates.  

We review your coverage's, make recommendations, and shop for the best insurance companies.

IBG has a HUGE network of "A" rated insurance companies waiting to bid for your insurance business.

As independent insurance agents in St Louis, MO, we represent you, the consumer. 

The consumer needs someone to help them with finding the best policy to meet their needs. Insurance companies have insurance agents, who represent the company, not you.

That's why we are independent insurance agents, or better known as St Louis Insurance Brokers.

More choice equals better rates!

Insurance Brokers are free to represent hundreds of insurance companies, which mean you save more.  St Louis auto and home insurance can be challenging to find affordable rates, we make it easy. 

Insurance Brokers Group is located in St Louis, but we sell and service insurance all around the country.  This means we have to represent many more companies than a typical local insurance broker, but our headquarters is right here in St Louis County.

Check Local Insurance Rates

Missouri Insurance rates vary by city, town and zip code.  Find your best local rates from multiple insurance companies today.

"Finding affordable insurance is easy if you know where to look"

Insurance in St Louis Missouri

Who Are The Top St Louis Insurance Brokers

Headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri. Insurance Brokers Group sells and services insurance in the entire state of MO.  Our licensed team of agents and brokers help you with any policy reviews, changes or billing questions.

Many of our customers live in and around St Louis. Cities including Crestwood, Kirkwood, Clayton, Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Webster Groves. In West St Louis County – Des Peres, Wildwood, Chesterfield, St Charles, St Peters, Wentzville, Cottleville, and to the MO, KS Boarder.

We also service customers across the country, with one of the largest insurance company networks in Saint Louis.

To be one of the top St Louis insurance agencies you need to have a huge network of insurance companies. This helps when we shop your insurance for cheaper rates. We also use technology to assist with filtering the best rates.

Best Insurance Agents in St Louis

As one of the Best Missouri insurance agencies. IBG works with the nation's top insurance carriers.

We simplify the process of getting many quotes at one time.

What set us apart from the competition and how that benefits our customers.

Insurance software designed for comparing company rates. This same software is used for every renewal to ensure you are still getting the best rates.

We represent many of the leading and national companies. Nationwide, The Hartford, Progressive, ASI, Kemper, CHUBB, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, and hundreds more for auto, home, life, and business.

We use the latest technology to compare insurance rates for all Saint Louis. This can save you a considerable amount of time, money and energy when shopping for insurance.

We also provide automatic re-shopping of insurance policies at every renewal. There is never a fee or charge for our service as we are paid by the insurance company.

St Louis Missouri Insurance

MO Insurance Brokers

St Louis, Missouri Insurance is not only where we are headquartered, but it is what we know.

Show me the best insurance at an affordable price, is what we are about at Insurance Brokers Group.

How to find the best MO Insurance Brokers?

Finding the best local auto, home, life, and business insurance as easy. A simple click of a button or picking up the phone and speaking with a licensed broker today. You might be surprised at the savings and customer service.  314-569-1010 9 am to 5 pm M - F

Cheapest Auto insurance in St Louis, MO

We make finding the cheapest auto insurance in Saint Louis easy. By using special insurance software and rating programs. Not every insurance agency has invested in smart technology like IBG.

We also take into consideration the coverage on your policy. Buying cheap car insurance does not mean you have adequate coverage. Often, the cheapest car insurance company can cost you the most if you have an accident.

Why we are different

Our licensed insurance agents and brokers will review your current policy. Then make recommendations, based on your current needs.

We do not sell cookie-cutter policies. Each individual and family has different needs from others.

Even if you need an SR22 insurance policy, we can help.

St Louis Car Insurance Quotes Online 

As your trusted local Saint Louis auto insurance advisor. We look at the whole picture while still maintaining affordable car insurance premiums.

Car insurance rates can vary greatly in Missouri. Depending on if you are in the City or the County and even what zip code your vehicle is parked.

We will look at the available discounts. Based on your prior driving history, the type of vehicle you are driving, annual mileage, occupation, and even credit. These all factor in car insurance rates for Saint Louis residents and most of the US.

We can help guide you in finding the most favorable rates and coverage's to protect you and your family.

Get Same Day Quotes

Are you tired of calling insurance companies and agents for quotes?  Let us do the work for you, FREE.

Homeowners insurance in St Louis, Mo

Home insurance in Missouri is different than many Other parts of the country.

Chances are you have heard the saying if you don't like the weather in Saint Louis give it 15 minutes and it will change.

We have four distinct seasons, which bring many different weather issues and temperature changes, that many states do not see. From minus 0 to 110-degree temperature fluctuations can cause havoc on home properties.

Homeowners Insurance Agents in St Louis, MO

Having a home insurance policy in Saint Louis requires licensed insurance professionals.

They know your area and live here.

We deal with heavy snow, torrential rains, hail, earthquakes, tornadoes, and baking summer heat. Few States have weather changes like St Louis.

Having the right home insurance policy at an affordable rate. It's not only essential, but needed to prevent the loss of thousands of dollars. If a natural disaster in the Saint Louis area occurs the only thing you care about it getting your home fixed, right.

We take the time to explain to our customers the difference in coverage's. How they can affect you if you have a claim. What coverage's you need to have.

Homeowners Insurance - Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost Coverage

What is the difference between an actual cash value policy and a replacement cost policy? 

A replacement cost home insurance policy will pay the full replacement amount cost without depreciation due to ware and tare.  A ACV or actual cash value home insurance policy will depreciate the loss based on age and ware and tare, plus you'll still have a deductible that will be applied.   

The difference of less than $50 a year, but thousands of dollars if you have a claim.

Experience matters when it comes to insuring your property.

If you have owned a home in Saint Louis for any length of time, chances are you have already seen some type of claim. A common claim such as hail damage to your roof.

Anybody can present you with a cheap home insurance policy in Saint Louis. But, you need to watch what you are buying.

Coverage's and deductibles matter. Knowing how to read the fine print is what we do every day at Insurance Brokers Group.

We can quote your homeowners insurance today. You can also get an estimated quote using our free home insurance calculator

St Louis Condominium (Condo) Insurance

Condo insurance in Saint Louis is the same in most parts of the country.

This type of insurance is designed for your personal property, liability insurance. There is also available coverage for the interior part of your condominium. Drywall, window treatments, flooring, cabinets, etc.

You will hear the term used when describing insurance for a condominium as studs in. This means the responsibility of the condominium unit owner is from the drywall in. This includes drywall, paint, carpet, window treatments, fixtures, flooring, etc.

What is covered under my condo insurance policy?

The rest of a condominium building is going to be covered under the master insurance policy. These master policies cover the exterior part of the building. Master policies include the walls, foundation, roof, and any exterior buildings.

There will be a separate deductible on the master policy for any major claims to the building. Plus, you will have your deductible for the condominium unit itself.

Condominium policies also provide extra living expenses. If you are forced to move out of your condo while repairs are being made you will be covered.

Make sure that a licensed insurance agent or broker reviews and discuss your policy. Including contents and the build quality of the condo unit. This is to insure you are getting adequate coverage, but at an affordable price.

Life Insurance in St Louis, MO

St Louis Missouri life insurance

How to buy Affordable Term Life Insurance for St Louis Families

Finding affordable term life insurance in Saint Louis is easy yes clicking a button.

Today you can now get a quote for life insurance from national companies in seconds.

Simply enter some basic information such as the amount of coverage, for how long and that's it.

You will be able to see within a moment several of the nation's largest “A” rated life insurance companies.

The hottest life insurance now is the NO medical exam policies. Fast, affordable, and easy to get covered. Up to $1,500,000, depending on age, with no exam.

Many people buy life insurance. They want to make sure the family can pay off the home mortgage provide for education for children, and extra living expenses.

Saint Louis families have often, purchased mortgage life insurance. Mortgage life insurance is a form of term life insurance. It's designed to pay off your home if you die.

With this type of life insurance policy, you can decide what length of time you would like the coverage to remain in force.

Some people will opt to buy a 30-year term life insurance policy because their home mortgage has a 30-year balance.

The nice thing about term life insurance is you can choose that amount of coverage from as little as $50,000 up to $10,000,000.

You can also choose what length of the time you need. Example: term life insurance policies can be for 10 years, 20 years, or up to 30 years.

Money received from life insurance policies are tax-free and used in any manner that your family decides.

You do not have to be in perfect health to buy life insurance. Even those with less than a perfect health condition. High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions may be eligible for a health screening.

The good news is getting a quote is free with no obligation, so you can get an estimated cost based on the amount of coverage you need.

Cheap Renters Insurance in St Louis

St Louis, Missouri renters insurance

How to find affordable Renters Insurance in St Louis

If you are renting an apartment or home in St Louis, Mo, chances are you are going to need renter’s insurance.

Renter’s insurance is not only protection for your personal belongings, but it also provides liability insurance. In case you cause damage to the property that you are renting or damage caused by your guests.

Renter’s insurance can also be a tremendous lifesaver if there is a tornado or fire that forces you to evacuate your rental property.

Renters insurance will provide extra living expenses up to 12 months while your rental unit or home is being repaired.

Renter's insurance in Saint Louis is also important if something is stolen from your car or a storage unit.  Your auto insurance policy will not pay for items stolen from your vehicle those claims under a property policy such as renter’s insurance.

You can also add extra items such as jewelry, like an engagement or wedding ring.

Make sure when getting a renter’s insurance policy, you get a full replacement cost policy of your personal property versus an actual cash value policy. ACV is what you would pay at a garage sale value.

You might be surprised and how much you own, including furniture, clothes, and electronics.  Renter’s insurance policies can start as low as $75 and they still provide $100,000 worth of liability protection.

Most insurance companies’ basic minimum personal property coverage in the Saint Louis area is 10,000 to $20,000 and up.

For as little as $75 pending on what zip code in Saint Louis, you can get a renter's insurance policy with $10,000 worth of personal property and $100,000 of liability coverage. This meets the requirements for most all local landlords.

Ready for Quotes!

Best local rates for Auto and Home Insurance

St Louis, MO Flood Insurance

Because Saint Louis, is located, in a flood plain, you might think that those are the only people that need a flood insurance policy.

But you would be very wrong.

Any homeowner can experience rising water even if you live on top of a hill. Heavy downpours and tornadoes can cause water to overflow a basement sill and spill into and flood the basement. Not having flood insurance on a homeowner's insurance policy means the cost of repairs is on you.

Saint Louis has seen too many floods and many recognize the need for additional protection.

If you look at a map in the Saint Louis region, you will see a multitude of small creeks running throughout the city and County. These small creeks swell with a heavy downpour of rain and generally back up to homes nearby.

Many creeks have been re-routed to build new homes over the years. When Mother Nature decides to poor 5 to 6, or 10 inches of rain in 24 hours many homes that never flooded before are now faced with mini natural disasters.

How do Insurance Brokers get paid?

Insurance agents in St Louis

The insurance companies we represent pay us. We are not bound or required to offer or sell any insurance company. This keeps us independent and NO cost to you.

We are FREE to discuss all insurance companies offering the best coverage in St Louis.

We all want a good deal, right?

This is why more families turn to Insurance Brokers Group to find the best coverage at affordable rates every day. 

St Louis History

The City of St. Louis has a rich and diverse history dating back to the early 18th century. It was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau, two French merchants who had this vision for it to be the Gateway to America’s West.

As an inland port city with access to the Mississippi River, St. Louis would provide supplies like lumber, lead ore, furs, and copper ores (from Missouri) on cargo boats headed towards New Orleans or downriver ports like Memphis or Vicksburg; then bacon fat from hogs that came upriver on rafts; then tobacco from Kentucky; rice from Arkansas; cattle hides for leather production in New York City; woolens manufactured in Pennsylvania, to name just a few. These products would then be loaded on steamships to places throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

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