Insurance in Missouri

Missouri insurance has some unique challenges with weather conditions, flooding and potential for earthquakes.  Insurance rates in Missouri are generally in the middle of the road, but can vary greatly depending on the insurance company.  

Credit is another factor used in Missouri like in most states along with prior insurance, coverage limits of previous insurance company for auto.   Property insurance will also be greatly influenced by credit, but, prior home claims can be the biggest setback when finding affordable home insurance.

Because Insurance Brokers Group was founded in Missouri we are very familiar with the unique challenges and have helped thousands of families and business find insurance that meets their needs and within their budget.

Types of Missouri Insurance we can help you buy

Home Insurance

Homeowner insurance for building and contents


Personal and Commercial auto insurance


Protesting the loss of income or family legacy

Business Insurance

Commercial and business liability protection

Below are some of the most important articles we've published on Missouri Insurance.  Learn how to find and buy the best policy for your needs.

Missouri Insurance articles

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