July 15, 2021
How much does a Porsche cost to insure

How To Own a Porsche and Not Worry About the Insurance Cost

If you are anything like me, you have dreamed of owning a Porsche. But the car insurance rates for these cars are sometimes more than $10,000 a year!

Check out this blog post to learn how we were able to get car insurance for two Porsches at an outstanding rate with Insurance Brokers Group.

Recently, a prospective customer contacted us about getting insurance quotes for his two Porsches, currently insured at Allstate. The car insurance policy was costing him around $8,000 a year!

We were able to get two Porsches insured with one of our companies and save this customer more than $3000 per car for the same coverage. The car insurance rates we quoted for these cars are less than half of what he had been paying before.

Car Insurance

So, how much did the insurance cost for 2-Porsches Monthly?

In this case, we were able to secure full-coverage, including high liability limits and comprehensive and collision insurance for under $115.00 per month for both vehicles.

Yes, both vehicles, not each, but both Porsches on the same policy.

That's only $1380 per year.

Of course, we can't promise these types of unbelievable rates for everyone, but if Insurance Brokers Group is not checking your rates, you'll never know.

Car Insurance Agents Near Me

How Are Car Insurance Rates Determined?

Factors that contribute to qualifying for exceptional car insurance rates include, but are not limited to:

- car model: car insurance rates can be lower for certain car models

- car year manufactured

- driving history of the vehicle driver, including the number and severity of accidents in the past five years.

- credit score, etc.: if someone has a car with a good credit score, car insurance rates may be better for them.

This is just one way that Insurance Brokers Group can help you save money on car insurance.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can lower your car insurance rates!

Most Drivers Are Over Paying for Insurance

Auto Insurance Discounts

Even if you have a clean driving record, it's hard to find an affordable insurer. 

Most car owners are paying too much for their insurance or not getting enough protection. Find out how we can help!

The cost of insurance is a huge concern for car owners. Right now, it's tough to find an insurer that will offer the right coverage at a competitive price. You may be paying too much or not getting enough protection. Finding the best policy can be time-consuming and frustrating!

 Things That Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates vary from person to person, vehicle, and geographical location. The cost of insurance is an enormous concern for many people who own cars. This is because they are required to have it by law in most states and some car owners can't afford the rates. 

- car insurance rates vary depending on factors such as the person, vehicle, and geographical location.

- The cost of car insurance is a huge concern for many car owners because it's required by law in most states and some car owners can't afford the rates.

- You may be paying too much or not getting enough protection with your current policy.   Finding an affordable insurer that will offer you good coverage at a competitive price can take time and frustration!

- Most people are looking to save money when they purchase car insurance but sometimes this process takes more time than anticipated which causes stress for individuals who just want their needs taken care of quickly so that they don't have to worry about them again anytime soon.

That is why it's so important to compare car insurance rates before making a decision.

Online Insurance

This is easier than you might think because many car insurers offer free quotes online or by phone. You can find the best car insurance for your needs in minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse and without having to go through various websites, which saves time and frustration!

If you are looking for affordable car insurance that will provide quality coverage while saving money then we're here to help!

What is the best way to find lower cost car insurance?

Insurance Brokers Group

Insurance Brokers Group provides car owners with competitive prices on auto protection from some of the top-rated providers in America today.

With one call, an Insurance Broker will search hundreds of companies at once until they have found what you need - all at no cost to you!

If car insurance rates are very high for you and your family, don't worry; we provide car owners with the best car insurance prices in America, including cost-saving discounts.

We offer a range of car policies to meet different needs as well as coverage limits that will suit any budget. So we're confident that our car insurance quotes offer quality protection at affordable costs without sacrificing customer service or peace of mind. Whether you want to insure your vehicle against liability, comprehensive damages, collision damage, vandalism, theft, or fire loss then Insurance Brokers Group has a plan just for you!


The best way to start saving money on auto insurance 

In many cases it's by switching insurance providers.

You could save $600 or more per year simply by changing insurers. Using online resources like Insurance Brokers Group's car insurance quote system to find the right car insurance for your needs. The best car insurance rates in America are just a few clicks away!


Working with Insurance Brokers Group, we were able to get outstanding car insurance for two Porsches at an affordable rate. We would love the opportunity to help you find cheaper rates as well!

To learn more about how our service works or to request a quote, please contact us today. Here are some other benefits of working with our team:  

•We have access to over 30 top-rated carriers in your area and can match coverage levels based on your needs. 

•Insurance brokers offer personalized customer support that includes reviewing policy language and answering questions so you understand what they cover under each plan. 

•Our experts will take time during the quoting process to review all options available from different insurers while also providing guidance for selecting

Getting the right insurance coverage can be a complicated process, especially if you have multiple cars or are looking for specialty coverages. Insurance Brokers Group will work with you to find the best car insurance rates for your situation and budget so that you don't have to worry about costly premiums in the future. Contact us today!

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