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It literally only took about 5 minutes for them to take care of my request for information with my policy. They are so nice and very prompt. I am very glad I got in contact with this company, and would recommend them to anyone!!

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  • Who's driving?  Who is the primary driver of the vehicles?  Make sure to list the oldest driver on the newest and most expensive vehicles first.  Some insurance companies will not allow you to specify which driver is on what vehicle, but it you can use these tips.  Also, if you are not able to specify drivers and vehicle, list the oldest vehicle first on the policy.  Believe it or not it makes a difference with a lot of insurance companies
  • Move!  Yeah, we know, moving may not be an option, but where you live and actually double your insurance rate depending on your city.
  • How's Your Credit. If you have poor credit you can easily see a 30% to 100% increase in rates compared to someone with excellent credit.  If you've cleaned up your credit since the policy was initially issued, ask to have it re-scored.  Some insurance companies will give you a better rate if your credit has improved.
  • Policy Renewing?  Now is a great time to shop for lower rates, especially if just receive another rate increase.  Guess what?  Rates never go back down unless you had a ticket or accident that is now 3-5 years old.  The fact is, insurance rates like anything else will continue rising, but there are plenty of companies with very competitive rates. Check for better rates now.
  • Plug It In! Every auto insurance company now has a tracking device to see how you brake and accelerate.  You can save 5% -10% just to participate today and up to 50% with some companies if your the best driver in the world.   
  • New Roof.  Homeowners who have installed a new roof and easily save 20% to 30% off your current home insurance premium today.  Over time, that discount goes down, but you can save some big bucks today.
  • Go Paperless.  Get with the twenty first century and lose the paper invoices for your insurance.  Save a tree and lower your insurance premium, 5% - 10% with electronic statements.  Let's be honest, you're probably already paying via online banking so why do you need more paper.  
  • Kids Driving?  Do you have young drivers in the home?  Are the vehicles titled in the parents name?  You might want to consider getting a separate auto insurance policy to keep the young drivers of your primary policy.  Example: child has a vehicle of their own to drive, but it's titled in the parents name.  Get a new policy with both parents listed as primary drivers and the child as a secondary driver.  This keeps them off your policy, especially if they have an accident, it's not going to raise everyone rates.
  • Shop Like It's Black Friday!  You can shop for lower auto and home insurance rates any time.  There is NO law saying you must keep an insurance policy until it expires.  If you tired of paying too much, maybe it's time to find more affordable insurance.  We can help!

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