November 23, 2022

Lower The Cost Of Auto Insurance Without Changing Companies

Lower cost auto insurance

Turning Your Current Car Insurance into a Low cost Car Insurance with these 5 simple steps

So you are dreaming of low cost auto insurance, but you are stopped by the fact that you are already insured to a more expensive policy? 

Worry no more.

There is something you can do to turn your current car insurance into a low cost car insurance. Here a few tips that may help.

  1. Anti-Theft Devices

Most cars these days come equipped with theft devices - Some are as easy as a touch of a button.   If your car doesn’t come with one, there are hundreds of different anti-theft devices out there, to protect your car from thieves; and the best auto insurance companies will reward you with a discount when you can prove you have taken measures to protect your car.

  1. Usage-based Car Insurance Device

Today, there is ‘usage based’ car devices that the auto insurance companies can plug into your vehicle, to keep track of mileage and driving habits. This will monitor and transmit the driving information directly to your car insurance company. The insurance company will then reward you with discounts depending on your driving performance.

  1. Ask for a multiple car discount

A multi-car-discount would apply if more than one vehicle is on the policy – As long as the vehicles are owned or jointly owned by two or more relatives living in the same household.

  1. Group Discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers that have an affiliation with certain professional businesses, groups and/or associations. Talk to your auto insurance broker about the potential for you to receive a group discount.

  1. Pay-in-full Discount

Most auto insurance companies now charge $ 5.00 (or more) for payments through the mail and a little lesser charge for EFT payments.

If you can, it is wise to pay your premium in full to avoid extra fees and in most cases, insurance companies will offer a paid-in-full discount.

Bonus - Combine your auto with a property policy.  Even if you don't own a home take out a renters insurance policy and increase the deductible to the max.  $1,000, $1,500 or $2,500 as it doesn't matter since you are mostly looking for the multi-policy discount. 

The discount is HUGE... Read more about how she saved over $800/yr. on auto insurance using this one Stupid-Simple trick, read the article here.

Have you considered using an Auto Insurance Broker?

Lastly - when all other methods of lower your current policy fail to lower your premiums, consider contacting an auto insurance broker for quotes over the phone or online

Auto Insurance Brokers will shop many of the leading insurance companies matching your current coverage's or suggesting better coverage's and still saving you money. 

More insurance choices gives you an opportunity to find the best package and avoid the hassle of calling several insurance companies.  

Many brokers like Insurance Brokers Group provide this service free of charge.

For quotes, call 800-459-6060 or visit our website or for free car insurance quotes online  Click HERE

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