November 11, 2021

What does it cost to insure the White House?

Whitehouse Insurance

Insurance Discounts even the White House would appreciate are still available

The White House has increased in value $104,000,000 in just the past 4 years to $398,661,124 according to But, if that's out of your budget, you might consider renting at an estimated $2,079,472 per month. It's not currently available for sale or rent, but according to you can get accurate home insurance quotes online and compare your home insurance savings to the White House.

How to Calculate the cost of insurance for the White House?

According to John Espenschied with Insurance Brokers Group it would be the same as any other property, but in this case a few more bathrooms. The White House has 35 bathrooms, 16 bedrooms with over 55,000 sq. ft. of living and work space.  Additional items to take into consideration when estimating a replacement cost include numerous detached structures, including: sports court, pool/hot tub/spa, basketball court, tennis court spread over 18 acres.  

Normally we would recommend using our Home Insurance Calculator, but the White House far surpasses any normal size home.

Discounts the White House
Might qualify for

Senior citizen discount or mature resident, multiple policy (home and auto), age of roof, any renovations for plumbing, electrical, deadbolt locks, fire extinguisher, monitored security system, gated property, 24-hour security, smoke detectors and clean prior loss history to name a few.

Try our home insurance calculator 100% Free with NO personal info needed.

How much does Home insurance cost for the White House?

Let's do the math. The White House is how many times more expensive than the average American home across the US:

The White House with an estimated value of:                                  $398,661,124

Typical middle America home with a replacement value of:          $250,000

The number of times the White House is more valuable                  = 1,594

Annual home insurance premiums for a $250,000 home                  x $1,200

The White House estimated annual insurance premium                 $1,912,800

Yes, that is a lot of money, but based on the scale of it all it's still less than 5 tenths of a percent of the full value; a real bargain if you can wrap your mind around the numbers.

Unlike your home, The White House is most likely not insured through any insurance company, but protected by tax payers aka the US government. 

There would obviously be too many risks associated with insuring The Whitehouse with being the #1 US target for terrorists.  Not to mention it's a mixed use building consisting of business and residential.

Liability Insurance For The White House

The liability alone with hundreds of people visiting and working at The White House would be subject to personal injury claims. 

If your home insurance payments are feeling like you're paying for the White House give us a call at: 800-459-6060 or click here for a free home insurance premium review or use our free Home Insurance Calculator to get an instant average home insurance premium based on the size and quality of construction.

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