What’s needed to start an auto insurance quote?

● Name How to get an insurance quote online
● Address
● Date of birth
● Drivers license number
● Social security number (except in California)
● Year
● Make
● Model
● V.I.N. (vehicle identification number)
● Number of miles driven per year
● Prior accidents or violation in the past five years
● Name of current insurance company and for how long
● Current insurance coverage (listed on your insurance declaration page)
● Current amount or premium paid per month, 6 months or a year.

I know the information requested above seems like a lot, but most people know most by heart and will only have to look up the current insurance coverage’s, which might already be in your car glove box.  The good news is, it might be the very last time you’ll need to provide it with Insurance Brokers Group and its exclusive RateGuard© policy premium review program.

Starting a new auto insurance policy

Getting a new insurance policy is really quite easy once you are presented the rates of different insurance companies.  As insurance brokers we represent several leading insurance companies we and do the insurance shopping for you.   Because Insurance Brokers Group only works with the leading “A” rated or better insurance carriers you can be assured of quality coverage.  So, it really comes down to price and to see if there’s an opportunity to save you money.

We’d like to tell you that we have a 100% track record, for savings, but that’s not realistic for everyone.  Some insurance companies will reward clients for remaining accident or ticket free by not raising rates excessively, but that’s not to say you’re paying the lowest premium available.  We’ve had many clients over the years that have been with the same insurance company for 20-30 or more years and felt they were getting a pretty good deal.  Well, a lot of people received pretty big socks when they found out they could have saved hundreds and in some cases thousands per year.  Those are usually the stories that start with, “I’ve been with this agent for years and I can’t believe how much I could have been saving.”

After the initial shock of the potential savings and possible anger over the amount of money they’ve effectively wasted it’s time to make a decision.  Because Insurance Brokers Group’s philosophy is simple; “is there enough savings in your mind to make the switch.”  No hassles, no pressure, just the realization that the amount of savings makes sense to you.  We’ve had customers literally save thousands of dollars a year and many others save hundreds.  Remember, even an $500 annual insurance premium savings will equal $5,000 in ten years.  What could you do with that amount of extra money?

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