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What Is an Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers work for you

Why would you want to consider using an insurance broker vs. the traditional insurance agent? Insurance brokers are typically independent insurance advisors that represent more than one company and in some cases dozens of carriers. Having a broker that represents multiple insurance companies can be a great benefit when shopping for lower premiums; without the […]

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Auto Insurance Brokers – Why Are They Different Then an Agent?

Are Still Using an Insurance Agent To Buy Insurance?  Take a look at Auto Insurance Brokers There are thousands different types of auto insurance available to consumers depending on your driving history, credit, current insurance company and multiple other variables that determine rates. An auto insurance broker can help you determine what coverage you need […]

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Accidents Happen When You Least Expect Them

Insurance is full of very complicated terminology and wording that is regarded as complex. This can sometimes be confusing. This article discusses insurance industry terms in language that you understand. When you are well informed regarding the words used in your insurance policy, you can make a better decision. Insurance Company Do not pick the […]

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