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Buy your Mexico auto insurance policies online here.  Mexico Auto insurance, RV, Rental Property, Home, Boat, Water craft and more.  Buy directly from one of the largest sellers of Mexico insurance in the US.

 Mexico Insurance

International Insurance Group   (IIG)

    1. Founded in 1999 by Jim Labelle
    2. Located in Flagstaff, AZ
    3. Market leader in Mexico auto insurance for over a decade
    4. Only use companies rated A or better by AM Best
  1. Mexico Auto
    1.  3 carriers-ACE Seguros, Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP), ABA Seguros

i.      Gets the customer the best coverage for the best price

ii.      All A rated Mexican Insurance companies

  1. Flexibility

i.      We offer daily, six month, and annual policies

ii.      Price is based on following:

  1. Duration of stay
  2. Full coverage vs. Liability only
  3. Value of the vehicle
  4. Fixed vs. Percentage Deductibles
  5. Liability limits ($50,000-$500,000)
  6. Optional vandalism and partial theft coverage
  7. Repairs in US or Mexico
  8. Option to purchase online or call our staff of bilingual agents
  9. Coverage for RV’s, motorcycles, towed units
  10. Tourist auto-for non-Mexico plated vehicles only
  11. Mexico Homeowners
    1. Written in the US style-In English, very similar to HO-3, HO-5.  First of its kind in Mexico
    2. Coverage on properties up to $3 million
    3. Hurricane and Earthquake coverage available
    4. Coverage anywhere in Mexico
    5. Underwritten by ACE Seguros (A+ by AM Best, in 53 countries)
    6. Condo coverage for contents only, or dwelling and contents
    7. Renters liability
  12. Mexico Watercraft Liability
    1. Mexico law requires liability coverage with a Mexico company (ACE Seguros) in addition to US hull coverage
    2. Price is based on

i.      Length of policy (daily, annual)

ii.      Type and size of boat


  1. Competition (regatta)  coverage available

mexico insurance

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