How to Buy 2 Insurance Policies for the price of 1

How Buying Two insurance policies, Costs Less Than Buying One, Of Anything? The answer is: Buy More Insurance Yes, depending on the price (or premium) of your vehicle insurance policies you may be able to completely cover the cost of a renters insurance policy from the savings on your car insurance, with the multi-policy discount.  […]

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Is bundling insurance the best way to save money?

Many advocate putting all insurance with the same company or bundling Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should look at bundling your coverage’s together: Saves money Saves time Saves energy Keeping most if not all your insurance needs with the same company has many benefits, including loyalty from the insurance company to you.  […]

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How to over pay for auto insurance

The average person is over paying for insurance every year. Would you shop at grocery stores that charged an extra 10% – 50% percent for food? What about at the gas station; how about paying a higher interest rate on your mortgage. Hey, why not, you’re probably a multi-millionaire and it’s just money right. Yeah, […]

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