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Top Three Tips on Finding Affordable Auto Insurance auto insurance advice from the experts

When it comes to finding affordable car insurance – insurance for a car, truck, or motorcycle – it pays to do some research before making a commitment to a specific policy.

  1. Determine How Much Auto Insurance You Need: Your state likely has laws or statutes which determine how much auto insurance is required for each vehicle. Visit your state’s Motor Vehicle site to find out the requirements. Also, unless you outright own your car, truck, or other vehicle, the bank which holds the lien against the car may also have a set minimum amount of insurance coverage that you must carry. Both state and lien holders likely have minimum insurance coverage for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. You may also need to carry coverage for uninsured motorists, depending on your state’s regulations.
  1. Before Buying Auto Insurance, Determine Who Will Be Driving and How Many Miles: Certain age groups qualify for more affordable auto insurance discounts, especially if the driver or drivers have clean driving records, meaning no accidents or speeding tickets. Equally as relevant to your auto insurance rates is the number of miles that the vehicle is driven each year.
  1. Affordable Auto Insurance and Deductibles: Generally speaking, you can lower the cost of your auto insurance by assuming a higher deductible. However, this means that if you are in an accident or there is an incident and you need to make an auto insurance claim, then you are going to have to come up with more money out-of-pocket for repairs. Whether this is a trade-off you want to make with your auto insurance is a purely personal decision

Affordable Auto Insurance is Available and You Can Afford It!

Your best bet for finding affordable auto insurance is to work with an auto insurance broker. An insurance broker works with many different auto insurance companies and can obtain for you – completely free and with absolutely no obligation – auto insurance quotes from nationally-known auto insurance companies. You are then able to compare the quotes and decide which one is right for your budget and your auto insurance needs.

A company such as Insurance Brokers Group allows you to receive multiple quotes for your car insurance in just minutes. Then you are able to compare the offers and make a decision about which one you will purchase. You won’t need to be making multiple calls to different auto insurance companies asking for quotes, and you won’t have to be driving around town, either. Everything you need will be provided to you, free of charge.

Remember: when you need affordable auto insurance, determine how much you need, identify who will be driving the vehicle and how many miles are driven each year on average, and then decide what kind of deductible you want. Then contact Insurance Brokers Group and let the auto insurance specialists find the auto insurance rate comparisons you need. It’s that simple.

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