Auto Insurance: The $96 Trick that Saved Her $840 a Year

Car insurance buying tips

Saving Money on Auto Insurance is Stupid-simple, if you know the Tricks Simple tricks to save on auto insuranceWhat NOT to do with car insuranceLittle know tip to save 20% on auto insuranceI added this and made my auto rate dropWhat happens if I bundle my insurance?How do I get an auto insurance quote? We […]

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When Homeowners Insurance Attacks! Are you at Risk?

best home insurance rates

Homeowners insurance is getting out of control – what you can do to keep your insurance rates from burning you. Insurance premiums for homeowners insurance are under attack and coming after your budget. Have you seen dramatic rise in your home insurance premium in recent years? People call our offices daily looking for lower homeowners insurance after HUGE rate […]

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Insurance Brokers Group acquires

Insurance Brokers Group announces the acquisition of Insurance Brokers Group continues to expand the reach of online shoppers looking for the most affordable Auto Insurance and Home Insurance without the hassle of going from agent to agent getting one quote at a time. Insurance Brokers Group provides quotes from 30+ of the leading insurance […]

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What does it cost to insure the White House?

Whitehouse Insurance

Discounts even the White House would appreciate are still availableThe White House has increased in value $104,000,000 in just the past 4 years to $398,661,124 according to But, if that’s out of your budget, you might consider renting at an estimated $2,079,472 per month. It’s not currently available for sale or rent, but according […]

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What does an Auto Insurance Broker do?

Are there any benefits to use an Auto Insurance Broker? Auto insurance brokers help individuals and businesses with shopping multiple insurance companies for affordable insurance coverage that meets the needs of the insured. In some cases, insurance brokers can negotiate lower premiums with the carriers based on prior experience and losses; only with commercial risks. Most […]

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